Celebrity net worth at a glance

01/10/2014 12:43

Celebrities are a fundamental part of our life nowadays. We enjoy be like them. We want to adhere to them as our idols. All of us make them our own source of ideas as well and would like to be as famous as they are. They are also the people whom we love to hate. They always remain up to date with the particular clothing and always enjoy a deluxe and really stylish lifestyle. We view our dreams in their lifestyle. So let’s take a look at the top richest celebrities and let’s check out their own ranking according to the celebrity net worth.

In the set of richest celebrities, George Lucas continues to be granted the main spot with a net worth of almost $5.2 billion. Raised within Modesto, he is an amazing, writer, businessman, director as well as writer. One of the richest footballers, we find David Beckham, a British footballer and among the world’s richest athletes. His net worth is approximated to be around $350 million. A former basketball person and an businessperson, Michael Jordan tops the list with the richest athletes. He has a celebrity net worth of almost $ 1 billion. While playing for Chi town Bulls, Jordan set the sports records to be the very first sportsman to generate over $ 30 million per year in salary. From your world of vocal, here will come one of the richest celebrities, Miley Cyrus. She is not only a fabulous vocalist, but a fantastic actress plus an entrepreneur also. She is incredibly famous among her followers. Her net worth happens to be $120 million.

The list of richest rappers contains MC Hammer. He is any rapper coming from America and it has a celebrity net worth associated with 15 million bucks. MC Sludge hammer has also been certified with the honor to be the very first artist, who has gained a diamond ring standing for the outstanding sale records. He's among the most well-liked rappers in the business. One of the names from the richest celebrities, we have the particular actor Danny Trejo. Danny has not been consistently famous but provides featured in certain roles each year. His net worth will be estimated to become $ 12 million.

Right now, talking about a person who is the particular creator as well as CEO of the very most used worldwide site - Facebook. Indeed, we are talking about Mark Zuckerberg. He was thought to be the man of the year by Period. His celebrity net worth is not calculated in the cash which he has, instead from the present value of individuals Facebook elements that are his / her possession. All in all, his net worth is much too secure and making great from your shares of Facebook. The actual net worth of Indicate Zuckerberg is calculated to be extraordinary 34 billion dollars.

Starting from the PGA tour and the medalists in Olympics, the winner athletes always gather a hefty amount to outclass the rest and ultimately become one of the richest celebrities. Click here to know more about Richest Athletes.



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