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31/07/2014 11:36

Mail Thievery and Id theft are like blood brothers. They are the steps to devastating American households every day. Think about how stolen postal mail, which is "cash" to
criminals and to you, produces more than a third of the identity theft cases so far documented in the news press. These instances keep police force and Mail
Investigators on their toes every day following document trails and seeking to find evidence.

How then, are criminals getting your own information? We all know that personal information is stolen out there in the vast world of cyberspace. Those who hack into
home as well as business computers are the criminals who choose to use their technological savvy to feed their self-centered and money grubbing habits.

Cyber crime happens, but is not the simpler road taken by many, many violators. Because robbing your mail is easier and is not considered a violent crime, people with
fewer tech skills find plenty of private information from several sources within order to effectively take advantage of you of your identification.

There are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who steal Social Security Numbers from their own American created children or any other Americans within order to facilitate getting
employment. This brand of identity theft continues for years and years and it is suspected that most of these thieves are not likely to get caught. Meanwhile, America
is actually educating and feeding their kids. Secondly, these types of thieves are working in the jobs that might otherwise fit in to American citizens. It is this widespread
id theft that is allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country.

After that, there are those who steal the mail of Americans who are actually inviting criminals to steal identities. Think about what people do regarding their mail.

You say, well, "I took your guidance last time you cautioned me regarding the rising incidence of mail theft and I purchased a locking protection mailbox. Now we all know that my
delivered mail is safe. After that, you'll be pleased to know that I always take my outgoing postal mail containing private information, checks and the like to the Post Office. So, how
am I doing?"

The answer to this person is that he is doing better, for sure. He has mastered at least half the battle in protecting their mail from becoming "cash" in another
person's hands. Still, these mail thieves who seek to steal your own identity are delving deeper as well as deeper into the locations where they are finding what they want.

Now, think about rubbish diving and theft from housekeepers who may work in your home. Begin thinking about exactly what you are putting into your recycle bags.
Identity thieves are finding personal information within recycling bags. So long as this is operating for them they'll continue to focus on this supply.

You are so wise to get a locking security mailbox. Right now, be vigilant about every piece of personal information you possess. If you can't shred it, lock up.

This writer has trained, in Public Colleges, hundreds of the kids of illegal parents. I have loved these little ones. It is a unfortunate situation. However identity theft
causes misery to many American citizens who are hard workers and also have their own families to safeguard. Secure your own mail. Safe yourself and your family.

These instances keep police force and Postal Investigators on their toes every day following paper trails and trying to find proof. Click here to know more about blood brothers cheats and hacks.



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