Istanbul One Day Trip Guide

06/08/2014 10:12

To aid my Trip, I down loaded Triposo's Istanbul Guide for my phone, it's free with regard to Apple or even Android. It has a nice clickable map & description of the sights. Tripadvisor even offers a guide but I didn't feel it was as versatile as the Triposo one. My own GPS wasn't working in Istanbul however was able to figure out where I had been without much issue.

I looked around the web and this travel manual was the very best one I came across if you'd rather print one thing out.

This is my organized itinerary before I arrived, and for the most part was able to stay close to that.

Airport, acquire Jeton (token), take Metro towards Aksaray, Transfer from Zeytinburnu for tram

Acquire jeton, get on tram towards KabataA?A?.

Log off at Karakoy (1st after connection)

Walk in direction of Galata Tower

Stroll over Galata Link to the Brand new Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque, and Piquancy Bazaar.

Go in the direction of Gulhane Park, Topkapi Palace

Walk towards Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Wall of Constantinople

Check out Glowing blue Mosque and Hippodrome

Stop by Grand Bazaar on way to airport terminal

Currency exchange is a little a hassle because the changers at the airport terminal charge 4% in support of take major currencies. I suggest if via HK to bring United states dollar rather than HKD. We only transformed $40 USD that was more than enough for any day trip.

The particular Metro is very easy to find, there is signs for the basement from the airport where you walk through a brief tunnel to the entrance. There's a machine which accepts bills or cash, 2 TL per Jeton. I suggest buying two Jetons (or perhaps 4, and two for that return Trip), one for your Metro, then one for the tram ride. Upon getting into the station you can get any educate, they all head in the exact same direction on the city. It was a quick cozy ride to Zeytinburnu, about Fifteen mins in the airport. With Zeytinburnu station, in case you are near the center of the train there's an exit on the platform directly to the tram station outside, merely place one more Jeton into the turnstile and this will spit get you started onto the tram stop. Walk over the tracks towards the opposite system towards Kabatas and that'll get you on a tram trip about Half an hour towards the metropolis and Sultanahmet.

I obtained off with Karakoy, looked up to spot the towards and strolled that way. I didn't realize it has been on a large hill, so make sure you happen to be prepared for in which hike up steep roadways and steps. It's not significantly though, perhaps a 10 moment walk. Sadly there's no view of the city from the top of the mountain unless you are up the tower, however think it was closed after i went.

Currency exchange is a bit of a hassle since the changers at the airport charge 4% and only take major currencies. Check out more info here about pasha chicago.



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