Steer Clear of Problems by Performing the 5 Checks after Every Marketo Login

16/07/2014 12:15

Do you look at the wheel of your automobile if it is inflated just before you take it for a drive? Another thing that you must also inspect is the oil level. Nevertheless, individuals usually drive their car without examining it first.

It will be a nightmare if your car tires abruptly go flat while you're driving or if the engine gets too hot in the middle of the highway. Chances are that you will be doing the routine inspections when you dealt with such difficulties. A professional driver is much more prudent than those who are just learning to drive.

Marketo is no exception. A quick inspection on the system is usually performed by professionals after every Marketo login as they are aware that if something is broken or near to breaking, there will be serious consequences.

Here, I will show you the checklist every pro Marketo user makes right after a Marketo login.

marketo sandbox login

The Marketo Munchkin tracking should be functional

A car’s front lights and also the Marketo Munchkin have similar function. Without one, Marketo cannot 'see'. The failure on most campaigns will happen as the triggers won’t work in the event your Marketo Munchkin code is not working. Another issue that might arise is the failure to get analytics data that are extremely important.

Ascertaining if the Munchkin code in your site was not removed inadvertently is extremely important that is why you have to take a look at it each week, but bear in mind that your assessment shouldn’t stop here.

Just because your vehicle headlights aren't destroyed, doesn't mean they work effectively. If you really wish to make sure that they operate with no difficulty, then you should switch them on first.

The CRM Sync must be activated

The gas tank of Marketo is the CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync that's the reason why it is imperative to take a look at it as you would with the fuel gauge of your vehicle. The incapability of the sync to do what it is meant to do will lead to an overall system breakdown.

After Marketo login, the campaign queue should be inspected

The Marketo campaign queue is like the oil in your car or truck. Big complications could occur because of it, but many users no longer inspect it since they erroneously think that problems will not happen because of it.

Protecting against your Marketo from overloading is vital that is the reason why the campaign queue must be inspected. Too many triggers operating at the same time is the main thing that you must check. This could result in a number of problems such as the delayed launching of triggers. Problems that happen due to this are usually hard to diagnose.

Take a look at Notifications
Should there be any issues that you should examine, that would be shown in the Notifications tab in Marketo.

Amongst other things, the notifications will show you if the CRM sync or if a particular campaign failed. It is highly recommended for new Marketo users to subscribe to these notifications.

Synchronization of user and Marketo time zone is very important

Every admin should do this check particularly if they are using a variety of Marketo logins. There is no doubt that changing the time zone is significant as it is important for a driver, who is riding somebody else's vehicle or is driving a new one for the first time, to adjust its mirrors or perhaps the seats.

It gets me every time that is why I realized that including it here would be sensible. As you are taking a look at the wrong time zone, you get imaging issues. This could have been avoided if you didn't skip this check.

Checking out the accuracy of your personal time zone AND your instance time zone is important.

It is strongly advised that you make use of this guideline when you Marketo Login once again. Doing so will save you a lot of problems as you prevent many potential problems from taking place. For your own personal comments or tips, feel free to give us a note.

Most of the campaign will fail if your Marketo Munchkin code is not working since it would cause the triggers to breakdown. For more information click here.



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