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30/07/2014 15:29

A lot of people used to believe Twitter was simply the next big fad that was sure to die a quicker death compared to MySpace. Well, a lot of everyone was wrong and many of them are right now flocking to the micro-blogging network quicker than they are scrambling to Facebook. Yes, Twitter may be the underdog in the social network wars, an underdog that is quite well-equipped to possibly bump Facebook's figures in the next several years. It partially has got something to do with the fact that Facebook's users list has become just too large that Twitter has definitely more room for growth.

There is also a theory which Twitter have a miracle number of 2000, you need to keep your followers and subsequent balance within 7%. I don't know if this is true, however look after it, just in case. For those who have more followers than you are following, twitter loves you.

These are the tools I have used to go from 40 follows to 5000+ within five days. I know people tell you that these people are other ways, this really is how I actually made it happen.

Make your followers conscious of your existence.

How often and how much should you tweet? It really depends on how much valuable content material you have to state. If you have 2 or 3 blog posts you would like to share to your followers, space them out several hours during the day which means you don't look like you're trying to bombard them with lots of twitter posts. This way, you make your Twitter existence known to individuals who log in at different times of the day.

Link with your followers.

Engage people in discussions not only by asking interesting concerns, which is a good way to initiate healthy debates, incidentally, but also by replying to them in public. Replying to other people's tweets through immediate messaging might seem polite. After all, you don't want to inundate your own followers with irrelevant tweets they really do not want to read about. It makes you look like a snob, though, and that's something not good for your picture. Be sociable and tweet your responses in public. Additionally, don't think you're above linking to your followers or even retweeting their articles. Your goal on Twitter ought to be to connect with real people, not to build a giant follower base for the sake of your company's reputation.

Use hashtags.

A hashtag is the pound symbol (#) followed by a word or expression that is used by Twitterers to find posts that might be interesting to them. For example, if you're looking for posts that have something to do with utilized college textbooks, all articles that have the actual hashtag #usedcollegetextbooks will appear to you, even when they were made by people whom you don't follow. Similarly, if you use your keywords for your hashtags, individuals searching for businesses like yours will find your tweets, even if they don't adhere to you. You shouldn't be so generous with hashtag use, though. Use them moderately, that is, only for your best articles.

Twitter may be the underdog in the social networking wars, an underdog that is quite well-equipped to possibly bump Facebook's figures in the next several years. For more details please visit more twitter followers free.



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