Why a page that can start a conversion should be viewed as a landing page

15/07/2014 11:03

It will not be an ideal fit to include in optimization the term landing page. Most internet marketers do not find it useful to use landing pages. Additional marketers are looking for the best ways to increase conversion rate for their order paths, email messages, homepages, PPC ads and even more. There are several misconceptions on internet advertising about squeeze pages and how marketers can apply their optimization principles throughout a range of not just marketing endeavours but also revenue efforts. One of the primary misconceptions that a lot of marketers possess is that landing pages are only the actual specialized, single product, long-copy and also the non-navigational pages unattached from their web sites. This is usually incorrect.

The squeeze page can be any kind of page on a website that gets traffic from other sources besides the pages online. The reason why many marketers are not able to look for much better conversion rate optimization principles for landing pages is always that from their perspective, a website landing page is the site that only gets traffic from a channel barely defined via a single action. It is good to remember that the website landing page cannot be determined by the length of it's content, design, copy style or placement within the circulation of the web site. It cannot also be defined as joining a given microsite or even on a independent domain. However, a landing page can be a page integrated into the website while the homepage can be stated to be a website landing page specifically for visitors that type the Link to the website to their browsers.

According to several conversion rate optimization case studies, one thing that remains apparent is that the landing page is the very first and probably the very best opportunity for the site to start any conversion with a potential visitor. If the landing page is blown, this simply means the visitor can not be converted, an illustration of bad conversion rate optimization techniques on-line. If a online marketer wants to have a good visitor conversion rate on their site, the marketer should recognize that any web page on the site the place where a conversion can be began with a visitor should be considered as a squeeze page.

Marketers must also understand that to be able to increase conversion rate, they should not necessarily view ‘conversion’ as a lead capture or as a sale. Conversion needs to be treated as a measurable motion by a customer. Marketers should view conversion because the performance of the desired or specific motion by a visitor. In that case, the essential measurement of the conversion is conversion rate that is determined by splitting the total number of the completed actions on the site through the total number of opportunities or even attempts on the site.

The landing page can be any page on a website that receives traffic from other sources other than the pages on the website. Click here to know more about conversion rate optimization.



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